Our project would not be possible without the generosity of our sponsors and donors:

Great Northern Mountain - $5,000+

  • BNSF Foundation

  • Cinnabar Foundation

  • Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation

  • Flathead Electric Round Up for Safety Program

  • Glacier Raft Company

  • Heaven's Peak Lodge

  • Hungry Horse Liquor

  • Pearce, Bob and Lynn

  • Plum Creek Foundation

  • Tom and Theresa Quinn of the Whitefish Community Fund

  • Whitefish Community Foundation

Strawberry Mountain - $1,000+

  • Adventure Cycling

  • Bayne Family Fund of the Whitefish Community Foundation

  • Belton Chalet

  • Columbia Falls Foundation

  • Dam Canyon Shop - Stephanie Dahl

  • Freedom Bank

  • Glacier Bank

  • Glacier Campground

  • Glacier Cyclery and Nordic

  • Glacier Distilling Company

  • Glacier Guides and Montana Raft

  • Glacier National Park Conservancy

  • Great Northern Raft

  • Johnson, Berg & Saxby

  • Kalispell Bridge Club

  • Kalispell Regional Medical Center

  • Logan, Charlie and Sharon

  • National Parks Realty of Whitefish

  • Stonefly Lounge

  • Swan Mountain Outfitters

  • Trapline Association

  • Vista Motel

  • Whitefish Credit Union

  • Woodhouse Family Foundation

Desert Mountain - $500

  • Black Diamond Mortgage

  • Breneman, Iola

  • Covenant Seventh Day Baptist

  • Dakin, Bill and Sarah

  • Divoky, Dennis and Terry

  • Dupont, Jim

  • Earth Angel Organics

  • Empress Tents and Events

  • Flathead Electric Co-op

  • Frye, Tim

  • Fun Beverage

  • Glacier Guides and Montana Raft

  • Glacier Park Inc.

  • Haugen, Leif and Heidi

  • Higgs, Wilson and Charlotte

  • Hildebrand, Nancy

  • Hilgers, Chico

  • Historic Tamarack Lodge

  • Kutzman Tax and Accounting

  • Le Pan, Sally

  • Northwest Imaging P.C.

  • Orthopedic Rehab

  • Remax Mountain View

  • Spring Wagon String Band

  • State Farm Insurance - Lyle Mitchell Agency

  • The Huckleberry Patch

  • West Glacier Mercantile

  • Wheatons Cycle and Fitness

Chocolate Drop - $200

  • Baltz, David and Joyce

  • Bengston, Tom and Sharon

  • Bibler, Carol

  • Big Sky Brewery

  • Blair, Kent and Tina

  • Brunk, Ron and Jan

  • Byrd, Chris and Maureen

  • Byrd-Rinck, William and Victoria

  • Cantrell, Nick and Katie

  • Canyon Foods

  • Canyon RV and Campground

  • Cenex Zip Trip - Hungry Horse

  • Coleman, Tom and Gail

  • Conger, Barry and Krista

  • Crowley, Theresa

  • Discovery Center

  • Divoky, Dennis and Terry

  • Glacier Grill

  • Glacier Heli Tours

  • Great Northern Cyclery

  • Green Valley Ranch

  • Heupel, Casey and Sharon

  • Hildner, Richard and Suzanne

  • Historic Tamarack Lodge

  • Iwerson, Lawrence and Kateri

  • Jordan, Bob

  • Kendall, Kate

  • Kruger Helicopter

  • Lancaster, Barb and Cam

  • Lekander, Margaret

  • Lundgren, Bill and Diane

  • Mateka, Ann

  • Meadow Lakes Resort

  • Montana House

  • Morgan, William and Devii

  • Ninkasi Brewing

  • Office Depot

  • Ogle, Mark

  • Palmer, Breta

  • Parkside Credit Union

  • Parsons, Ben

  • Payne West

  • Pee Wee's

  • Robertson, Mary and Mark

  • Schellinger Construction

  • Scherman, George

  • Schrock, Luann

  • Simet, Elizabeth

  • Sportsman Ski Haus

  • State Farm Insurance, Lyle Mitchell Agency

  • Station 8 Shops

  • Successful Signs and Awards

  • Summit Cycles

  • Terry Cycling

  • Thompson, Stan and Donna

  • Tustin, Shirley

  • Watson, Jim

  • Welch, Sheila

  • West Glacier KOA

  • Wild River Adventures

  • Zignego, Jill

Belton Hills - $100

Adams, Bill
Ashley, John
Athearn, Sydney
Bailey, Anna Marie
Barrett, Steve and Mary Jane
Baxter, Andy
Bayern Brewing
Bengston, Jim and Stacey
Blackfoot Brewing
Brandow, Gary
Braun, Rita
Buffington Dental
Burley, Jerry and Joanne
Byrd, Gerard and Loretta
Central Heating
Connelly, Karin
Duncan, Mary and David
Ficek, Howie and Marion
Flathead Lake Brewing
Fletcher, G.S.
Flowers, Mayre
Foley, Kate
George's Distributing
Glacier Brewing
Glacier Institute
Glacier Mountain Resort
Glacier Park Boat Company
Glacier Restaurant Group
Glacier View Golf Course
Great Northern Brewery
Haarr, Dale
Helton, Jack
Hoye, Ron and Anita
Hungry Horse News
Ice Chest Express
Izaak Walton Inn
Jokerst, Jim and Gail
Jones, John
Jordan, Gil
Katz, Leah
Kezmoh, Paul
Knit Wits
Ludwig, Gary
Lundgren, Corinne
Mackenzie, Norma
Madison River Brewing
Manning, Mark
Markuson, Duane and Patti
McRae, Larry and Nila
Montana Liquor and Wine
Montana Radio Café
Morgan, Willlian and Devonna
North Valley Hospital - West Glacier Clinic
Parratt, Laurel
Pawn Plus
Pendragon, Nomad
Petersen, Dave
Pilling, Helen
Pinter, Kimberly
Ruby, Mark
Sanders, Pat
Scheiss, Tracy
Sitescape Associates
Smith, Kipman
Smith, Will and Bonnie
Stearns, Chuck
Stephan, Thomas and Susan
Still, Cas
Svoboda, Mark
Tamarack Brewing
Taylor, Don and Leoma
Thrift, Margot
Western Building Center - Columbia Falls
Windflower Native Plants
Young, Alison
Zuckerto, Charles and Shaya

Other Donations - Friends of the Trail

Mas Bikes
A2Z Electric
Anderson, Rebecca
Andrew, Marion
Antiques and A lot More
Beiser, Ken and Janet
Belt, Jami
Benedetto, Ernie
Bengston, Tom and Sharon
Birks, Eugene
Blair, Bob and Jo Beth
Blank, D.L.
Bockhast, Layla
Bowman, Ryan
Brafford, Rose
Breck Law Office
Brett, Lynne,
Brown, Dee
Bucur, Alex
Buzzell, Stephanie
Cameron-Russell, Mike and Sally
Campbell, Sarah
Cogliati, Rod and Suzy
Cohn, Nancy
Conrad, Paul
Creighton, David and Linda
Curtis, Kitty
Dailey, Arlis
Davis, Rick
Derochie, Frank and Kathy
Dupont, Jim
Eckert, Bonnie
Ellsworth, Heather
Ensign, Charles
Fagre, Ann
Fagre, Casey
Fairbanks, Marion
Fisher, Darin
Fisher, Scott
Folkwein, Ed
Folkwein, Shirley
Fortin, Greg
Frauson, Ann
Fredenberg, Mark and Susan
Freeman, Cindy
Fullerton, Greg and Courtney
Gabrowski, Joe
Gardner, Bonnie
Gilbert, Jim and Rosemary
Glacier Emblems
Grandpa's Attic Antiques
Grayson, Scott and Patty
Gresham, Nancy
Groschupt, James
Hanson, Eric and Alia
Harris, Ron and Deidra
Hart, Doreen
Hawxhurst ,Scott
Hemmer, Carmen
Hemmer, Sara
Hodge, Dan and Michelle
Hornbacher, Norma
Hostetler, Carla
Hunt, Martha
Huso Nancy
Iron Horse Antiques
Johnson, April
Johnson, Candy
Johnson, John and Judy
Jones, Carroll and Deana
Jones, John
Jones, Jorie
Kalbfleisch, John and Lisa
Kavanaugh, Kristin
Kimbrough, Dan
Kruger, Paul,
Kuhl, Tanner and Stephanie
Law, Laura
Lawhead, Scott
Lee , Victoria Noble
Librande, Diane
Livingston, James
Lomax, Becky
Love, Beth
Love, Bill and Cathy
Love, Inez
Lovering, Eric and Jennifer
Lowery, Eileen
Maclachlan, Shirley
Madison, James
Madler, Marianne
Manning, Brian and Dee
Markle, Ann
Markus Foods
Mason Robison Memorial
McCallum, Shirley
McClelland, Riley and Pat
McIntyre, Jodie
McKeon, Brian and Lisa
Mechem, James
Menachemoff, Tania
Miller, Martin and Laurie
Miller, Trent and Sally
Mohr, Jarrod and Anna
Montana Coffee Traders
Montana Jerky
Motter, Larry and Regina
Munzing, Daniel
Murray, Sheila
Navertz, Elizabeth
Nicoletti, Karen
Nite Owl Restaurant
Norton, Rebecca
Oehlerich, Mike and Dawn
Ohman, Carol
Olson, Dennis
Ostrem, Valli
Palette Café
Payline Data Services
Penner, Barb
Peterson, Chris
Peterson, Terry
Polebridge Mercantile
Powell, Anthony
Quitia, Kyle and Erin
Rafkin, Dru
Randolf, Jerry and Marie
Ratzlaff, Henry and Jane
Reid, Michael
Reeves, Debra
Ridenour, Edna
River Grove Rentals
Roberge, Melissa
Rolfing, Steve and Sue
Rosenbaum, Judith
Rosenkoetter, Travis
Ruby, Alan and Mary
Rusche, Ryan
Savage, Marcus and Cinzia
Schumacher, Joan
Schuster, Rebecca
Schustrom, Bill
Scott, Michael
Seabaugh, Liz
Shafer, Art
Sharol, Doug
Sladek, Melissa
Sloan, Martha
Smalley, Nan
Smith Lynn
Smith, Michael and Paula
Smiths Food and Drug - Columbia Falls
Snow, Don and Phyllis
Soleim, David
Sorensen, Scott and Joan
Spivey, Don and Judy
Stabile, Robin
Steele, Alfred
Stolte's Pet Shop
Strand, Tim
Streeter, Michael and Bonnie
Sukey Pfirman
Super 1 Foods - Columbia Falls
Swope, Jean Anne
The Teakettle Café
Third Street Market of Whitefish
Thompson Steve
Thompson, Rich and Sally
Three Forks Grille
Tidwell, Marlene
Topley, Charles and Mary
Van Horn, Fred and Lynn
Van Pelt, Russell
Vekasi, Sarah
Vickery, Shirley
Waggoner, Kiandra
West Glacier Restaurant
Whitefish Pottery
Williams, Becky
Woodley, Mary
Yokan, Mary