Our Mission

Developing and maintaining a network of trails within the Greater Glacier Ecosystem to foster stewardship and connect communities to our open spaces.

Gateway to Glacier Trail is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to building connectivity through trails and paths in the Columbia Falls and Greater Glacier area. The organization began with an initial goal of completing a paved path from Hungry Horse to West Glacier and quickly expanded to Columbia Falls.

We have successfully funded and completed a paved off-highway path from Hungry Horse to West Glacier and built a welcome center with a Gazebo and informational kiosks. Gateway to Glacier continues to work on our original mission of a safe path from Columbia Falls to Glacier park as well as other trail projects in the area.

What We've Accomplished

  • Funded and consructed a paved path from Hungry Horse to West Glacier.

  • Maintained and cleared this path seasonally with via our Trail Buddies volunteers and funding

  • Funded construction of a welcome Gazebo in Hungry Horse built by local Metaphoric Artist, Jeffrey Funk. using parts of the Old Steel Bridge in Kalispell

  • Proposed a trail plan in the Cedar Flats area North of Columbia Falls with the Flathead National Forest.

  • Negotiated a trail license on private land following the Flathead River from Columbia Falls to Badrock Canyon.

  • Secured funding through the Federal Lands Access Program, for an off highway trail from Columbia Falls to Highway 206.

Gateway to Glacier projects

This overview map illustrates current and future Gateway to Glacier Projects.